RA Junction Review of 2016

RA Junction Review of 2016

RA Junction Review of 2016

This post is a review of some of the best RA Junction discoveries in 2016.

RA Junction Review of Gut Health, Supplements, Diet

As you know, current science has tied rheumatoid arthritis to gut health. Here are some newer findings on diet, nutrients and ways to improve your gut health.

  • Learn how a healthy digestive system functions: This post provides a description of the anatomy and physiology of a healthy digestive system. Your RA can improve dramatically if your digestive system in functioning well.
  • Gut Power: Several recent studies on gut health are featured here. There is also a list of suggestions for keeping your gut healthy.
  • Lectins: Some of these proteins can be harmful to people with RA. Learn what they are and how to minimize their affect on your body.
  • The Lowdown on magnesium deficiency: Many experts believe that as many as 80% of Americans have a deficiency of magnesium. Our cells need magnesium to make energy and fight fatigue , depression and kidney disease.
  • Health benefits of dark chocolate: Could not resist adding this post to the list. I love dark chocolate but only some types of chocolate are beneficial  to our health.
  • Probiotic Foods: The benefits of probiotic foods far surpass the benefits of probiotic supplements.

Lifestyle Changes That Improve RA

In 2016 there has been renewed emphasis on lifestyle habits that seriously affect our RA. Researchers have found some interesting lifestyle changes that help RA.

  • Non- Drug Solutions to Chronic Pain: Coping with chronic pain is difficult for all of us. Find some non-drug solutions that help.
  • The Power of Essential Oils: Essential oils can improve RA. Find out what you need to know before purchasing essential oils.
  • The Power of Your Mind, BodySpirit and Emotions: Studies have proven that our mind, spirit and emotions have a profound effect on our health.
  • Low Dose NaltrexoneLow Dose Naltrexone: LDN is a drug that is being used successfully by some alternative care physicians to treat RA.
  • RA Brain Fog: Brain fog is a common symptom of RA. Researchers are looking for a cause of brain fog. Some researchers have theories that lead to suggestions for help.
  • Design ThinkingIs a planning method that engineers and other planners have used for years. It is a method that can also be used to develop a healthier life style.
  • Your Circadian Rhythm: Your circadian rhythm can control your sleeping patterns. Learn how to reset your circadian rhythm when stress and/or RA pain cause loss of sleep.
  • Arthritis Friendly Tools: Here are some arthritis-friendly tools to make your life easier.

RA Junction Review of Recent Studies that May Improve Your RA

  • Epigenetics: What is epigenetics and what has research discovered about it’s relationship to RA?
  • Newly Discovered Natural Protein in Wheat: A natural protein just discovered in wheat has been linked to RA.
  • Most Common Vitamin Deficiencies found in people with RA: John’s Hopkins has identified the most common vitamin deficiencies in people with RA. Correcting them can improve your health.
  • Newly Discovered Drug TreatmentScientists have identified a  naturally occurring substance in the body that may lead to new drugs that reduce inflammation without the side effects of current drugs.
  • Genetically Engineered Living Hip: Scientists have created a “living hip” out of a patient’s own stem cells. This discovery reduces chance of the body’s rejection of an artificial hip replacement.

Hope this review can help you complete your list of 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

Wishing You a Happy, Healthy 2017



This post is a review of 2016 RA Junction Posts. References can be found in the links to each post.

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