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RA Junction Research News

RA Junction Research News

This RA Junction research report brings you a summary of four new studies that have identified ways to improve RA treatment.

People With RA Are At Increased Risk for Blood Clots While Hospitalized

Medical scientists have known for years that patients in the hospital are at risk for blood clots due to poor circulation associated with immobility. The Arthritis Foundation reported that, in 2014,  Arthritis Research and Therapy conducted a meta analysis of the risk of blood clots in patients with inflammatory arthritis. They found that RA patients are one and a half more likely to develop venous thromboembolisms (VTE’s) than patients without RA. More studies need to be conducted to identify the reasons for the high risk of blood clots. Scientists believe it is related to the inflammation associated with RA. Inflammation causes changes in the blood that can cause clot formation.

What does this mean for you? If you are hospitalized, ask your physician if you should take an anti-clotting drug while you are in the hospital. Also, get advise about continuing the drug for a short period of time after you are discharged. (4)

RA Junction Research Report Has Identified Two Pre-Clinical Studies That May Lead To a Cure for RA

Both of these studies are noteworthy because, if they prove successful, they have the potential to cure RA. The descriptions are so technical that I am unable to describe them in detail. I mention them here because they are preliminary studies that have the potential to develop a cure for RA.

  •  Scientists Identify the Role of NCF1 in Autoimmune Diseases (1) : Scientists at the Medical University of South Carolina published an article this year (2017) in  the January issue of Nature Genetics describing their pre-clinical research about the genetic variant, NCF1. They have identified NCF1 as a genetic variant that is associated with systemic lupus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome. They believe that decreased NCF1 in the body increases the risk of these three autoimmune diseases and increased NCF1 protects against these autoimmune diseases. This study represents one more step in scientist’s ability to understand complex genomic regions.
  • Northwestern University Identifies A New Way to Manipulate Cells: Cells in our body are constantly receiving signals from proteins and other molecules that are present around them. These molecules instruct cells to express specific genes that lead to growth or regeneration of tissue. . They also have the ability to make these signals stop and restart. Scientists at Northwestern University published their discovery in July 2017. They have discovered a way to build a synthetic material that mimic the ability to trigger the same dynamic ability of triggering the same signals that are naturally triggered in our body. “the potential use of the new technology to manipulate cells” could lead to a cure for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Our own skin cells could be programmed to regenerate tissue where it is needed.

Both of these discoveries are pre clinical and need additional research before they can be tested clinically, but they are a first step toward a cure for many autoimmune diseases. It is reassuring that there are scientists out there making progress toward cures for diseases that have plagued us for centuries.

An Active Ingredient in Green Tea Can Potentially Be Used As a Treatment for RA

RA Junction research  report identifies a study that scientists at the College of Pharmacology in Toledo, OH have found an active ingredient in Green Tea (EGCG) may be used to treat rheumatic diseases. They compiled a list of the best studies in an article published in 2010. They have scientific evidence that ECGC has anti-rheumatic properties, but caution that preclinical and clinical studies are needed before ECGC is used to treat arthritis. (2)

There are extensive studies that have provided evidence that ECGC at doses of 400-800 mg per day provided no adverse effects in healthy participants. Clinical trials do, however, need to be conducted on patients with arthritis to confirm safety.

ECGC has been studied as beneficial in treating many diseases and is one of the most studied plant-derived molecule for the treatment of disease.

RA Junction research report will continue to keep you posted on new research for RA as it becomes available.

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