New Research Addresses Pain Reduction and Gene Expression: Ways to Improve Your RA

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research

New Research

Below are three new research projects that have the potential to improve your RA. Nutrigenomics can potentially put your RA in remission by simply determining what foods you need to consume to change the way your genes express themselves. The Rezzimak Tuner can relieve some RA pain. The pain relief of acupuncture treatment can be improved if you reduce your consumption of caffeine.

New Research: Nutrigenomics, A New Field Exploring the Effects of Food on Our Genes

There is a new research specialty that studies the effects of food on your genes. Just because you have a genetic predisposition to RA does not mean you will develop RA. In the future, your gene expression may be able to be altered by your diet so you can avoid the disease all together.

Neutrogenetics is literally the integration of genomic science and nutrition. The science has recently been expanded to include the effects of lifestyle choices on disease. Neutrogenics scientists have proven that nutrition can modify the way your genes are expressed. If you have the gene that predisposes you to RA, you can control the severity of your disease (and perhaps even avoid it all together) with proper nutritional treatment. Some of the biochemicals in foods can directly alter gene expression. The definition of nutrigenomics has also been broadened by scientists to include nutritional factors that can protect the genome from damage.

Neutrogenomics “investigates a certain area of nutrition that uses modular tools to search, access and underdstand the several responses obtained through a certain diet applied between individual and population groups.”(5)

This science still has to mature enough to provide specific personalized nutrition that will treat and/or prevent an individual’s specific disease, but experts believe that, in the future, they will be able to prescribe personalised diets that will change the way genes are expressed and prevent people with ” disease-predisposed genes” from getting the disease.

New  Research: Rezzimak Tuner Massage Tool May Reduce Some Chronic Pain

If you have head , neck or shoulder pain caused by RA, this tool may help you. It was developed by Shanik Peck, a Physical Therapist in Utah. He was trying to find a way to treat his wife’s chronic back pain. This led him to invent a device similar to a tuner that helps musicians tune their instruments. It is a massage tool that uses vibrations (rather that electrical stimulation) applied to pressure points on both sides of the body that bring balance to the brain and nervous system. When the tuner is applied regularly,  brain learns to cue your body to relieve your pain. You can see a demonstration of this device on YouTube Here and it can be purchased Here (not an affiliate).

New Research Discovery About Acupuncture for RA Pain

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine has reported that scientists have determined that even a small amount of caffeine consumption may interfere with the pain-relieving effects of acupuncture (2). Animal research has already determined that caffeine remains in the body for 12 hours after drinking one cup of coffee. Scientists have now conducted tests on male and female mice. They fed one group of mice water that contained caffeine and another group was not given caffeine. The mice were given an injection that caused an inflammatory response in their back legs.  The mice were then treated with acupuncture at the same site where they had the inflammation. The mice who did not drink caffeine were 35% more likely to have their pain relieved than the mice who ingested caffeine. The scientists concluded that a small amount of caffeine can potentially block the effectiveness of acupuncture. This study has not, to date, been tested on humans. If you are trying  acupuncture for treating your RA pain, you might want to consider not drinking coffee for 12 hours before treatment on the days you receive acupuncture and see if you get better pain relief without caffeine in your system.

These are three new  research projects that can potentially relieve your RA pain.  If you are able to relieve your RA pain enough to exercise on a regular basis, you may be able to relieve much of your chronic pain permanently.

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  1. It’s hard to find experienced people in this particular topic,
    but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    • Thank you for your comment. This post was just an update about recent RA studies. I an more hopeful that I have been in a while. AR lease active research appears to be happening. Scientists are making progress!

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