Need Help Managing Your RA? Hire a Health Coach

Need Help Managing Your RA?

Need Help Managing Your RA?


Do you need help managing your RA ? Consider hiring a health coach. A certified Health Coach has the training to assist you in designing an individualized health plan that will meet your health goals.

What Is a Health Coach?

There is a lot of confusing information about RA out there. Your physicians to not have the time to help you sort through all of that information.  A Certified Health Coach ( or Wellness Coach) is a person who can assist you in identifying your personal health goals and help you develop a step-by-step plan to meet those goals. Most of you know what lifestyle changes you need to make to improve your RA, but you may not have the ability or self motivation to develop a plan that will provide you with help managing your RA  appropriately.

Health coaching is a new field based on the latest science on motivation and behavioral change. Health coaches listen closely to your health management problems then make suggestions about a plan of action that is realistic and attainable for you. They consider your goals, your culture and your lifestyle then partner with you to develop a plan. They support you as you as you progress through your plan and “tweak” the plan if necessary. They provide you with tools that will help you make permanent changes appropriate for your health and wellbeing.

What Should You look for In a Health Coach if You Need Help Managing your RA

Your physician may be able to recommend a health coach or may already be working with one.

Since you have a chronic illness, you should look for someone who has a professional health background ( Registered Nurse, Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Licensed Physical Therapist, Licensed Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Speech Pathologist, Licensed Dietitian, etc.). These professionals will have the basic background to understand your disease and make suggestions appropriate for your RA management.

In addition to a licensed health practitioner, your health coach should also have a Health Coach Certification  from a recognised health coaching educational program. You can find names of these programs on line.  Some recognised programs include: the National Society of Health Coaches, The American Council on Exercise, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, Duke Integrative Medicine and Wellcoaches School of Coaching.

Look for a health coach who has excellent references and some experience coaching people with chronic illness.

Many health coaches will offer one complimentary session to see if they are a good fit for you.

Health coaches are not there to provide you with medications, diagnoses, or medical treatments. You will still need your health care provider. Health Coaches can, however, be an intermediary between you and our health care provider.

It is extremely important that you work with a Health Coach you are comfortable with because you will likely have a longer term relationship with them.

Find someone who is an excellent listener, who will treat you like a partner, give you space to think decisions through and know what they don’t know so they can refer you to others when necessary.

How Can a Health Coach Help You Manage Your RA?

Health Coaches work with you to help you make permanent lifestyle changes that will maximise your wellbeing.

If you are having trouble staying on an appropriate arthritis diet, they can help you design a diet that meets your cultural, physical and family needs without overwhelming you.

If you are having trouble getting enough exercise they can help you choose a exercise program that you can enjoy enough to make it a part of your daily life.

If you are having trouble sleeping, they can help you set up a sleep plan that will fit into your lifestyle.

If you are stressed , they can help you permanently manage your stress.

They are good at providing you with guidance each step of the way until you reach your health goals.

You are much more likely to stick with your plan if you have told your coach you will do something. They can hold you accountable.

Most importantly, they provide you with a personal approach to health from a person who has your best interest at heart.

Many coaches will work with you  remotely on- line, in person or even on the phone. Others will want to meet you in person

Typically, you will meet with your health coach every two weeks until your plan is in place then less often as you progress through your plan.

You can also  find a health coach who is Functional Medicine trained if you plan to manage your RA naturally.

The good news is: many insurance companies will pay for a Health Coach. United HealthCare, Humana. Cigna and Aetna all have Health Coaches on staff.

…….So you may want to consider a good Health Coach to support you on your journey to health and happiness.

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