A Gift Wish List for Someone With Rheumatoid Arthritis



Gift Suggestions for People With RA

A Gift Wish List for Someone With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Here are ten gift suggestions for someone with rheumatoid arthritis. If you have friends or family members who have Rheumatoid Arthritis, the best gift you can give them is a gift that will make what they love to do easier and less painful. Below is a gift wish list for someone with rheumatoid arthritis who loves to cook, who enjoys exercise, who loves to garden or who loves animals.

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 A Gift Wish List for Someone with Rheumatoid  Arthritis Who Loves to Cook

There are many gift suggestions for someone with rheumatoid arthritis who loves to cook. Here are four of my favorites:

All of us need to increase the amount of veggies we eat and reduce the carbs we consume. I just got this spiralizer in the mail today. It has a suction on the bottom that locks the spiralizer on to my counter top and provides me with three different blades that can make zuchini noodles in a flash. The noodles provide us with a delicious way to increase our consumption of vegetables and decrease our carbs in one easy step.

I was given this stand mixer 28 years ago as a wedding gift. I still use it today. It is well worth the money. You can even buy attachments that chop and grate food just like a food processor.


This jar opener was recommended by a Arthritis Today(1) reader. She says that she can open any jar with the push of a button

This food processor was also recommended by an Arthritis Today reader. She is very happy with it It is not as expensive as many food processors.

For Active Exercisers

Product image for Coral This bike was also recommended by a Arthritis Today reader who has lost the ability to walk long distances, but she claims she can bike for miles. (1) She makes it sound like lots of fun. You can copy and paste the link below to see it. What a great way to exercise! ( I am not an affiliate marketer for this product.)


The Arthritis Foundation, in consultation with Dr Paul Lam, has developed a Thai Chi DVD specifically for people with arthritis. Thai Chi is not as difficult as it looks and can reduce arthritis pain significantly. An added bonus is that Thai Chi is fun!

For Gardeners

Raised Bed Irrigation Kit  Aqua Corner Raised Bed Soaker System


What an inexpensive way to make gardening easy! You can copy and paste the link above to access the product. I am not an affiliate for this product

Weed Zinger Weeding Tool
from: The Wright Stuff Home Health Care Products

I bought this weeder a year ago. I love it because it is fun to use (even teenagers love it) and it pulls up weeds with one twist of the tool. The only problem is that it only works if you place it in the center of the weed before you twist. It then pulls the entire weed up, including the roots. That weed will never return. You can do your weeding without ever bending over! You simply shoot the pulled weed into a trash bag and attack the next weed.

Click the underlined title above to access the catalog. 

Women s Bionic Reliefgrip Gardening Gloves
from: The Wright Stuff Home Health Care Products

These gloves are new on the market. They are revolutionary gardening gloves designed by an orthopedic hand specialist. These lightweight gloves provide greater flexibility and natural dexterity, while helping keep hands dry and comfortable. People with hand pain and discomfort from swollen or sore joints will find these gloves provide extra support and mild compression. These gloves also come in men’s sizes.

Click the underlined title above to access the catalog.

For Animal Lovers

Get a Dog

 I can’t begin to tell you how much a dog can improve your health if you have RA. They provide you with lots of unconditional love and companionship and they give you an incentive to get outside and exercise.  ( I am not an affiliate for dog sellers)

Happy shopping. I hope this post helps you find something on a gift wish list for someone with rheumatoid arthritis.

I wish each of you Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy 2018.

I will be back in touch after the new year.



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