Long-term Consequences of Chronic Pain Caused By RA

The Effects of Chronic Pain

Did you know that there are serious long-term consequences of chronic pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Untreated chronic pain can cause harm to your body that gets worse the longer it lasts. How Does Chronic Pain Affect Your Body if You have Rheumatiod Arthritis? Untreated chronic pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis can result in serious […]

Can Selenium Deficiency Exacerbate Your RA ?


Did you know that Selenium deficiency has been identified in scientific studies as an essential trace element  that is often deficient in people with rheumatoid arthritis?(6) Why is Selenium an Essential Trace Element That You Need if You Have RA? Studies have found that selenium deficiency is not uncommon in people with RA. For that […]

RA Junction Review of 2016


This post is a review of some of the best RA Junction discoveries in 2016. RA Junction Review of Gut Health, Supplements, Diet As you know, current science has tied rheumatoid arthritis to gut health. Here are some newer findings on diet, nutrients and ways to improve your gut health. Learn how a healthy digestive […]

Coping With Chronic Pain Is Life Altering: Help is Available

Chronic Pain

Coping with chronic pain can be an ongoing battle for many of us with rheumatoid arthritis. If we are unable to put our RA in remission, we will likely continue to battle chronic pain for a long time. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting for three or more months. As many as 100,000 people […]

The Power of the Placebo Effect: A New Discovery


The power of the placebo effect Source: Nursing School Hub (4) The power of the placebo effect may be stronger than we think. A recent study has identified the location of the pain-killing placebo effect in the brain. It is currently common knowledge that the brain plays a role in creating a placebo effect in patients […]

Give The Gift of Health This Holiday Season

Holiday Gift Ideas

The Joy of Giving a Gift of Health A gift of health to friends and family with RA can improve their RA disease and have a lasting effect on their quality of life. Modern medicine has discovered that poor diet, no exercise, stress and a toxic environment are the causes of most chronic diseases like […]

Most Common Vitamin Deficiencies Associated With RA


  According to John’s Hopkins  the most common vitamin deficiencies found in people with RA include “folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B 6, vitamin B 12, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.”(1) Resolving any vitamin and mineral deficiencies you have is an easy way to improve your RA disease. Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin […]

Happy Thanksgiving


Thanks to all the RA Junction followers and comentors. I wish each of you a warm, happy, healthy  2016 Thanksgiving. Saundra

Transform Your Health: Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

Reset your circadian rhythm to improve your health. Last week was a difficult week for a lot of us. The time change and a very stressful election occured within two days. Many of us lost a lot of sleep. Loss of sleep can put stress on your circadian rhythm which negatively affects your health. Read […]

Natural Protein in Wheat Has Been Linked to RA

Natural Protein in Wheat

Natural Protein in Wheat Researchers have now linked a natural protein in wheat to the exacerbation of many autoimmune diseases including asthma, lupus, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. These proteins (Amelase-trypsin inhibitors, ATIs) make up only 4% of wheat and are a natural molecule in wheat that originates from nature. They are not man-made. These […]